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Your paramour.
17 December 2009 @ 12:48 am
It's the season of giving and receiving! How many of us actually give things to others as Christmas presents? Especially our older well, friends?

Looking for any Arashi 5x10 Anniversary Charms except Nagoya/Tokyo dome! Quote your price! Email/sms me, littleblack-closet@hotmail.com ; 98172712.

Father, send some guidance from above.

This holiday is getting a little bit boring! D:<. Maybe mainly because I went to Japan so early, missing Japan so much! X_X

We hope to receive, never actually want to give.
Humans, naturally selfish.
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Your paramour.
09 December 2009 @ 01:30 am
Heyhey hellow!
Haven't been updating LJ, shall update LJ from now on.
Captain Underpants has flown off, lol.

Fangirls are people like me.
I'm going mad over Arashi!
And darling VLeong and I are going to order Arashi 5x10 Concert charms!
All so cute,
Spoilt for choice!
I guess only fan girls will understand. ;)

It's Didi's birthday this Thursday, and also someone important's birthday. :P
I guess that person is reallyreally important.
Lol hahaha!
So, happy birthday to Didi and someonesodamnimportant! :)
And, Edward Cullen is fake.
Wake up.

VLeong just went offline.
So bored now. O:<
Life is getting boring during holiday seasons.
Life is ultra boring during school time.
I don't get humans. :O
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Current Music: Stand By Me - SHINee
Your paramour.
28 October 2009 @ 05:15 pm
 If you don't get my titles, I understand. :)

K it's a new day! 2 more days to Japan. :3
It's a new Lj that I have! LiveJournal, that is. Not what you think it is! You sososo naughty. :D
K maybe it's just me. Forgive me. :))

I achieved Peishan-ism Nirvana today! I joined the Sims 3 gahlalahayadadadayoo thing.
We played the game together, fun fun.
Today we had Guides but I think it's totally irrelevant.
We were s'pposed to go to Kap but many thought that it was too far. (ps: blardy near my house~!)
K so it started raining and they fighted for 23284629307 years and finally.
We ended up at some void deck near the Mama Shop. Woooooh.
All the discussion ended up in this. Woahhhh. O.O
But it was raining & cold and all..
Don't blame my seniors, they luvvly people not maligned them please people nice nice.
Omg, the way I talk seriously scares myself. Heh! :)
So our group chose to do the quiz and we got to memo the whole Guides Handbook. :3
Yay something to keep my mind off ________.
I can't fail, can imagine my group whacking me. :D
I'll tape their hands. :))

Bored. :/
Pops bullying my dearie again. ):
They won't givvit up man. Is she just too chio or whhaaaaat? :X
Yeahyeahyeah she's mine get that fact & don't get jealous and kill me tonight.
________, I hate you. :))
I'm doing sprees now & it's ultra fun.
*do not order from star-thots.com, some don't receive their freaking orders!
Luckily I didn't order. :))
Sprees are sososo fun. Am going to login to Sfc later, buy Honeymoon Merchandise. (if the promo isn't over).
The lightsticks are freaking cute heehe hehehhe heeeh. :O

Okay me going to run off, bye. :)
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Current Music: Halo - Beyonce.